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In Memory of D. Mulbah Gayflor

“Blessed are they that mourn as they shall be comforted”. Matthew 5:4

Yes indeed, Lord, it is well with the soul of our darling brother, husband father, uncle, nephew
And friend, D. Mulbah Gayflor.

Oh, how difficult it has been since the unfortunate passing of our loved one. Uncle Dee, Technical Gaye, Mr. Gayflor, and all of the other names you were called, since that fateful day of February 23rd, 2021.

The pain and the grief are still so unbearable. The emptiness, sorrow and void are just taking so long to go away; we know that it’s going to be a long one as the relationship you established with all of us was just at another level. You were always there, even when you were not well. You were so dependable till it will take eons to find your replacement. You were also one of a kind and always left a lasting impression after every encounter. You were truly one of a kind Uncle Dee! We are still grappling all around to find our bearing as the carpet that had us grounded has been swept from under our feet as a family.

Every blessed day that passes reminds us that you are no longer with us physically…. Oh Uncle Dee you left us unexpectedly and way too soon. We were and still are not prepared by your departure. Oh, how much we miss you dear brother.

Aunty Selleh is lost without your constant presence by her side; the kids have lost a caring and loving father who wanted so much for his children; Your nephews, especially the twins, cannot stop talking about how much they missed the fatherly role you always were to them; and as for your sisters, tears cannot stop flowing for that baby brother they could do any and everything to protect and yet they couldn’t keep death away from you because that is the inevitable end for everyone. As for the other siblings that you so much spoiled, their ground is like sinking sand as they cannot find their bearing with your loss.

All in all, you are truly missed Uncle Dee. As the saying goes,” time heals all wounds”; we wonder will this wound truly heal? Will we be able to pick up the pieces where you left them? Will family gatherings ever be the same without your impeccable planning touch? Will we be able to find a replacement who would be there any hour we called helping to find solutions to our never-ending issues and requests? OH, baby brother we miss you so!

So, one year is gone so fast already and we don’t know when this pain will begin to go away. We only pray that you are truly in a better place and free from all the pains you had to experience. Rest on dear brother and pray for us back here. It’s not an easy road, pray for the family and the children

From your Beloved,
Sisters- Sis Vee, sis Lydia and all rest of your sisters
Your darling Wife Selleh and the children
Your Nephews VabahSumo, Tony , Terry, Kpadeh and the rest
Your nieces, Fee,Ma Hawa, Sianneh just to name a few
Brothers Giagia, Yekeh, Sumoiwuo, Zayzay, Lawrence N.
Cousins- Helene, Ruth, Beyan classmates, Other Family members, your students, well-wishers