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TLC Africa - Deaths 2022

The Liberian Connection - Africa (1996 - 2022) - An Internet Magazine that Connects Liberians at home and abroad

June 2022

Daniel Patrick Musuo KWABO

Judson Benedict Addy, Jr.

Satarus Ernestine Clemens

Rosel M. Bright

William G. Cholopray

Emmanuel Philip Amegashie


John Elijah McCarthy

Johnny J. Wright

Annie Jorkor Wesley-Swen

Lydia A. Brehun

Hamlet Snetter

Lowell Arthur Wesley

Victoria Violet Marsh Cheeks

Michael P. Slawon, Jr.

May 2022

F. Octawie Tah

Lavala “Lavo” Williams

Paye Barclay

Rebecca Leah Greene

Dinah E. Bracewell-Moore-Smith

Demetrius Bob Taylor

Jennifer Jumah Gray-Brumskine

Grace Nanah Hayfron

Ruth Larsee Teewon Wonzon

Masita Sayon

Rameses I.E. Bright

Ellen Bondo Johnson

Annette Jane Birch Armah

Miatta Logan

Yorqualla Makor

Festus Topi Cuffey

Julia Felicia Howard

Harriet Perry Memorial Service USA

Joel Melvin Cassell, Jr.

Oretha Choko Dennis

Juanita Annalue Cooper-Prince

April 2022

Victoria Zor Sinue

Tarweh Joseph Joko Blyden (Kieh)

Edwin Bai Snorton

Robertha M. Fawaz

Musu Jenneh Doris McClain

Dolly M. Strong

Josie N. Massaquoi

Shelly Brown Seely

Togba G. Ngangana

Clifton Thomas Walker

Emma K. Wuor

Catherine Salome Togba Arthur Woyee

Jeremy Samuel Walker

Zobondo Yah-Dixon

Melvin Allen Moore

Tenneh F. Songu

John Zogbo Kollie

Wellington Sirleaf

Augustus Edward Richardson

Maude Judah George

Elizabeth Hawa Oldlady Crawford

Patricia Mae-Ellen Adadevoh née Cole

Baseeru M. Sonii Sr.

Ruel Francis Dempster

Elijah J. Nyenkan

McVilla Kumba Capehart-Wayker

John T Davis

Alphonso Momo Kawah, Sr.

Anna Harmon Warner

Julia Joanna Clarke Brent

Miatta Kpengeh Gordon

Rachel Tarby Brown Kiljely

Jemima Horace Dumui

William BGK Harris

Nancy Martha Bright Wright

Phillip Cummings

Memorial Service for Lamii Kawah

Armahrue Nestor Woods, Sr.

March 2022

Deaweh Faith Nimley

Mark Mannah

Eric Zangar Flahn

Mom Rebecca Fireman

Richard Henry Kono Wiles

George B. Gonda Jr.

Ellen Janjay Natt

Shirley Eileen Davis

Serue Cecelia Witherspoon


Marjay Gjudru Toe

Daniel Lewis Anoke Free-Umanta


Jasse’ Chevon Elena Tucker-Dickens

Janet Louise Barnard Sharpe

Charles Napoleon Harris, Jr.

Emmet A. Dennis Sr.

Albert Victor Nicol II

Jema Almaree Greene

Grace Josephine El-Habiby

Mercedes Amberneis-Nerquavius Ammamoo

George E. Tubman Jr.

Cornelia Mini Diggs Davis

Harry Nagbe Tucker

Annette Sarah Johnson-Brown

Edith Musu Crawford Dennis

Sarah D. Nunoo Varney

February 2022

Nora Dennis-Ketter

Garmai Stella Lavala

Joe Sackie Yeawolo

Mckellah Alayna Martin

Daniel Nawetos Flomo

John T. Kobbah

Clarence Arthur Birch

Henry Mamudu Kamara Marvie, Sr.

Martha D. Karn

Winfred Walker

Patricia Angela Tucker Patray

Frances Patricia Brent Akwafo

Toniah Y. Sandimanie

Carmella Upton Bishop Smallwood

Victory Bryant

James K Gaines

Edwin Ansumanah David

Anna Johnson Baker

Margaret Mona Tiplah Karpeh Koffa

Fritz Hilary Massaquoi

January 2022

Pee Wright

Mary Gboryonnoh Bestman 

Henrique A. Z. Harvey

Wah Frey Augustus Bedell

John M. Gbakoyah

Maria Ann Milton Marshall Moore

Gaynor Valentine Gibson

Jebeh Famatta Norman-Klah

John Koiwood Sr.

Alfred Sumo Juwoo Bemah

Edward Sumo Jones Sr.

Eunice A. Davis

Rhodel Hawah Fahnbulleh

Albertha Howard

Rachel Louise Nurse Clarke


Jack Prince Nelson, Jr.

Rebecca Yei-Sennie Suah-Goosby

Eliza Beatrice “Precious” Mason-Turner

Emmanuel E. Doe

Philomena Mamie Tete Weah Toukolon

Jazmyn Amber Clinton

Lily Vonyze Dalmeida

Franklin Tebah Dalieh, Sr.

Laura Wade Farr

Mary G. Gibson

Gail Zakwah Farngalo

Miata Fanti Smith

Alhaji G.V. Kromah

Edwin Willie Johnson

Julia W. Artis


Jenkins E. W. Cooper

Samuel Wilfred Addo

Lucille Weayne Collins - Foster

Cecelia Anna Dobson Ledlum

Rachel Williametta Tulu Girl Hutchins

Christiana Mensah Birch-Badio

Kwame Prince Vincent

Franklin T. Dalieh Sr.

George Dunbar

Yangah E.G. Fumbah

Digor Abrahim Fahnbulleh

Sheila Dulleh

J. Wah-Doe Bedell Sr.

Emma Simoke Pewu

Yhoumonyhen Aitken

Elfreda Yerpu Cooper Sackey

Brewer N. “Moses Weah” Buwee

Stephen Sion Wreh

Oretha Elizabeth Mason Lynch

Patricia Gbenyon Abraham

Samuel Mason

Emmanuel I. Ebba

Philip G. George, Jr

Victoria Bettie-Sanyeneh


Cyrus Diggs Lawrence

Winifred E. Johnson

Isaac P. Harris

Henry K. Kiadii

December 2021

Ambrose Wotor Wotorson, Jr.

P. Emmanuel Kobbah

Mardea Marie Warner

Siana M. Benson Kollie

Mary N. Caulcrick Sampson

Johnny S. Smith

Alfred D. Greaves

Francis H. Thomas

Theresa M. Murray Clinton

Edward Doe

Taylor Tailey Smith, Sr.

Gabriel Yalartai

Shirley E. Tower

Jogn Vandexter Lomax

Nathaniel Typhis Brumskine II

Wilmot B. Goll Sr.

Comfort Yjakpai Anderson Miller

Vernisha Juclyn Ariyachat

Robert Boimah Parker Jr.

Sayiga Tarkpah Eugene Peabody

James Ebreem Sirleaf (JES)

Joseph W. Bailey

Margaret Welleh Gray Kunmeh


Comfort Mcborrough

Jewel Amelia Smith

Wellington G Jones Sr,

Melvin Dexter Gooding

Robert F. Taylor

Rhonda Richards vonBallmoos

Michel Ndarake Idiokitas

Amelia Reeves

Jessie K. Harmon

Ellen Jane Cooper


John Walter Gbedze

Miata Loretta Coleman

Israel W.E. Harding, Sr.


ALETHA Davis Jallah

Charles Decca Burgess McIntosh, Sr

Eugenia Thelma Freeman-Doekieh

Frances Grigsby

Herbert V.K. Mensah Jr.

Frances Nyennonsnoh Davies


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In Memory of D. Mulbah Gayflor

“Blessed are they that mourn as they shall be comforted”. Matthew 5:4

Yes indeed, Lord, it is well with the soul of our darling brother, husband father, uncle, nephew
And friend, D. Mulbah Gayflor.

Oh, how difficult it has been since the unfortunate passing of our loved one. Uncle Dee, Technical Gaye, Mr. Gayflor, and all of the other names you were called, since that fateful day of February 23rd, 2021.

The pain and the grief are still so unbearable. The emptiness, sorrow and void are just taking so long to go away; we know that it’s going to be a long one as the relationship you established with all of us was just at another level. You were always there, even when you were not well. You were so dependable till it will take eons to find your replacement. You were also one of a kind and always left a lasting impression after every encounter. You were truly one of a kind Uncle Dee! We are still grappling all around to find our bearing as the carpet that had us grounded has been swept from under our feet as a family.

Every blessed day that passes reminds us that you are no longer with us physically…. Oh Uncle Dee you left us unexpectedly and way too soon. We were and still are not prepared by your departure. Oh, how much we miss you dear brother.

Aunty Selleh is lost without your constant presence by her side; the kids have lost a caring and loving father who wanted so much for his children; Your nephews, especially the twins, cannot stop talking about how much they missed the fatherly role you always were to them; and as for your sisters, tears cannot stop flowing for that baby brother they could do any and everything to protect and yet they couldn’t keep death away from you because that is the inevitable end for everyone. As for the other siblings that you so much spoiled, their ground is like sinking sand as they cannot find their bearing with your loss.



In Loving Memory of my Beloved Son
From Mom, Thelma Brown Taylor Johnson

Brian Winzola Taylor
December 4, 1978 – January 17, 2021

Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine.
Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in his blood.

THIS IS MY STORY, this is my song,
Praising my savior all the day long.

Is it not great to have God’s assurance to live this life? Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine was my son’s favorite song. Brian was a young teenager when one Sunday at Church service, this song was being sung. He stood beside me and whispered to me, “Mom, he said, I like this song”. When we got home later, he asked me to sing it to him and so we did for the rest of that afternoon. Each time that song was sung, he would sing out loudly then say to me, MOM, THIS IS MY STORY. He carried that song with him to the very end of his life

One year ago on January 17, 2021, our God called you to your eternal home where you are now resting in perfect peace.

You made us proud Brian. Amid illness, you accomplished a lot and was determined to live life to the fullest. We rejoiced on your graduation day from North Carolina Central University (NCCU), because all throughout those four years, you were in and out of hospitals, but your determination was to get that Psychology degree so that you could work with children, and so you did. I sit today and remember you for your charismatic personality, your gentle smile, kindness, intelligence, and smartness. We were always in awe watching you play along with the Jeopardy television game show, and we would ask, how do you know the answers to so many questions? and you would say, I just know, or I read it somewhere? Boy, you were my Jeopardy champion and I still enjoy watching it and thinking of you. You were my SUPERHERO.

My dear beloved son, I missed you and will forever love you. Now, each day of my life, I struggle to remain strong. Only those who really knew us, can attest to the bond we shared. We had so much fun together, teaching you how to drive, traveling, eating out, movies, etc. There are days when I imagine you walking through the door and saying, hey Mom or that I would get a call from you saying I’m on my way home, but those are just my thoughts. So, I thank God for giving you to me and for the love and the bond we shared as Mother and child. Your family and friends loved and missed you dearly, but our God loved you best.

Mom is alone now, but not really because our God is right beside me and giving me the strength to endure day by day. I cry yes, but I cry with hope. Rest in eternal peace my son and continue to watch over me until we meet again.

You are forever in my heart.



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