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Date Posted:  August 2, 2021 Closing Date: August 26, 2021

Category: Administrative

Job Type:  Full-Time / Residential

Position: School Principal

Term of Service: Contractual / 2 - 5 years / Renewable

Reports to: The Board of Trustee of Ricks Institute

Salary: Commensurate with qualification and experience

The School Principal, as the chief administrator of the school, is responsible for delivering a program of holistic growth in a culture of academic excellence; maintaining the school’s historic identity and reputation as a flagship Baptist institution; supervising and developing key leadership talent within the administration, staff and faculty; developing and retaining enrollment to maximize available facilities; facilitating sound and transparent management of all school assets, including financial; and representing the school professionally and enthusiastically while developing positive relationships with key stakeholders.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) of Ricks Institute is seeking expressions of interest from qualified, experience and reputable individuals, preferably with post graduate degree, or at minimum, graduate degree, to serve as principal of Ricks Institute. Also being a Baptist or a Ricks graduate could serve as an added advantage.

Skills, Experience and Character:
Provide strategic direction to the school 
Develop standardized curricula 
Assess teaching methods 
Monitor student achievement 
Encourage parent involvement 
Revise policies and procedures in line with the BOT 
Administer the budget 
Hire and evaluate staff 
Oversee facilities
Develop safety protocols and emergency response procedures
Personally – The individual’s life shall reflect the following:
Utmost integrity in business, finance, human resource and ethical matters
A life lived in public and private consistent with biblical principles
A model of God’s ideal for the family
A spirit willing to listen and appropriately include the views and counsel of others

Essential Job Functions – The Principal will lead in such a way that the following are characteristics of the school:

Commitment to the School/Institution
● Professional leadership that facilitates flexibility, change and innovation
● Current knowledge and integration of major trends in education and Christian education specifically
● - Creation of and management of an annual budget in conjunction with the Board Finance Committee
● A strategic plan for the school that is reviewed annually, and inclusive of safety protocols and emergency response procedures

Accountability to the Board - The Principal will do the following:
Attend each Board and Executive Committee meeting unless otherwise excused by the Board
Prepare and give a written monthly report on school activities, issues and trends
Perform all duties consistent with Board policies
Keep the Board informed of significant issues or potential risks/crises through the Board Chairman
Give support and provide loyalty to the Board at all times
Provide feedback, counsel and annual written professional evaluation of key faculty and staff leadership
Please drop your completed application package to the following locations.
1. Providence Baptist Church, Ashmun/Center Street, Monrovia, Liberia.
2. Office of the Department on Secondary school, Education Commission, (LBMEC) C/O Dr. Arnoid G. Hill Metro building RM#: 106 A & B Broad Street, Monrovia or email your applications to:

For information, please call the following Numbers:+231(0)886-923682/+231(0)886-356820/+231(0)886-780707

Signed: Amb. Corey S. K. M. Holmes
Secretary Search & Nominating Committee

Approved: Deacon Joseph S. Morris
Co-Chair Board of Trustees (BOT)
Chair Search & Nominating Committee
Ricks Institute